Agriculture: The Future or Not?

We’re at a point where this question has to be asked and honestly thought through. Agriculture has -in the past, been shown to be a source of employment, raw materials, and many more to Nigeria and its economy. With the rise and fall of the crude oil in the past, it’s evident the country needs- critically if I may add, another “savior” to fall back on for support.

Before the advent of crude oil, Agriculture was Nigeria’s most promising sector, and this also made Nigeria one of the most promising country’s when it came to Agriculture and what stemmed from it. Its decline has contributed to the downward spiral of the economy and this is evident in the way most produce used in the country is exported.

This leaves us asking, is Agriculture really the future? And if the answer to this question is positive, then a lot has to be done when it comes to pushing Agriculture forward and putting it back on the map. The government has a huge role to play in this but notwithstanding, we are not excluded, we also have a role to play in the little way you can to boost Agriculture. One major challenge farmers face is finance, because a lot of farmers are small scale farmers and in order to go full mode commercial, a lot of fund has to be provided. In order to change this small scale narrative, modernization of Agriculture has to be set in and this is where investment plays a huge role. You do not have to own a farm to make a difference, by simply investing; change is made

In Agriculture, investments needed do not require you breaking the bank. There are different investment types of investments for different people depending on your financial capabilities. Do not forget an investment yields fruit in time, so the opportunity to make profit is also given, making it a win-win for everyone.

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