For the Love of Business, DO THIS!!!

By Funke Olushola
Starting a business is beyond the whole idea of being the CEO or the Boss. Entrepreneurship is work, mentally tasking work.
Constantly you are faced with challenges that need to be tactically dealt with if that business must stay above water.
This month of February is a month with the Love Theme.
In business, our customers/clients are our first love because they are the reason we are in business.
Customers service this period should be top-notch, delivering an exceptional experience to every customer/client that comes in contact with our businesses.
Learn to communicate challenges before the customer/client contact you about it especially challenges you can’t really control, a delivery challenge, etc.
A typical example;
A phone conversation: 
Customer: Hello, Chinchin Madam, My name is XYZ. The lady who ordered a custard of baked chinchin and did a transfer yesterday afternoon. 
 Vendor: ohh… Good afternoon ma.
Customer: Madam, you promised to deliver this morning but I am yet to get either a call or the product I ordered as at this time of the day from you. 
 Vendor: oh, I am so sorry o. I finished late last night. Ehhhnn…I didn’t get the alert o, please check if the money was reverted. 
 Customer: Haba madam, if I had not called you unko?
 Vendor: Don’t be angry o. Work was plenty yesterday but you may still get it today but try and resend the money biko. 
 Customer: I will check if there was a revert. Madam, I just saw it now…so sorry but I have resent the money, 3k abi? 
Vendor: yes…Customer o, you will pay the delivery guy when he comes o
Customer: Haba, Why didn’t you factor in everything into the money I paid? So how much Is the delivery fee? 
Vendor: Hmmm, I am not sure o but please can you ask your friend that referred you how much I charged her for delivery the last time? 
 Customer: are you kidding me?
Called to ask her friend 
 Customer: Madam, she said #500. 
 Vendor: Okay, please give it to the delivery guy. Thank you.
Madam, the delivery may be delayed due to….Communicate. 
 Sir, you ordered CDE but we only have DE in stock for now…Communicate. 
 Communicating your challenge to your customer before they complain does a few amazing things: 
 🔴Create a trust: they are in the know of the situation and understand you are not running away with their money. 
🔴It buys you more time to get your act right in order to deliver a great experience. 
 🔴It reduces the friction caused by disappointment. 
 Learn to COMMUNICATE. Send SMS, WhatsApp messages, call, send DMs, emails and never ignore their calls, chats or mail at such a time. 
 The customer will not kill you, the worst they would do is shout or get angry. Just make sure you sound and act remorseful don’t be nonchalant. 
 Do it for the love of the Business. 

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