Happy workers day to all the…

Frontline workers in our hospitals, testing centres and quarantine shelters

All over the world, health care professionals are risking their lives to care for patients with COVID-19 who are hospitalized or in quarantine shelters.

In many parts of the world, where health systems are overstretched, nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and other support staff have to work longer than usual hours.

Not to mention, the delivery guys, critical supply drivers, cleaners and all other workers who need to keep working to make sure that our efforts are successful.

Say a prayer, call, tweet, reach out and show support in some way.

Spare a thought for the newly unemployed

One adverse effect of the lockdown approach to contain the virus is that many workers are losing their jobs.

The United States of America has gone from historically low unemployment numbers to more than 30 million unemployment claims. Forecasts on job loss trends are dark especially in Africa where over 60% work in the informal sector.

If you’re an employer that must downsize staff, try as much as possible to make it easier for the workers you have to let go. Treating your workers with dignity and respect is the way to go. Be humane.

For the rest of us, this is a big opportunity to show empathy. It may be a bit difficult but being a little less selfish is actually worth it. Do it.

Shoutout to mums and dads all over the world

On the lighter side, we have a new set of workers. They are working from home and at home.

Parents and caregivers have to juggle working full-time remotely and taking care of their kids stuck at home. While the extra bit of family time is long overdue for some of us, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Shout out to you guys.

Rest. You’re working too much.

Today is an official public holiday! Did you still remember what public holidays look like?

Surveys and anecdotes scrapped from internet conversations are showing that more people are working longer hours as they practice physical distancing. For some businesses, lockdowns are having the unexpected effect of increasing the hours that employees log daily.

It’s easy to forget yourself and just slave through your daily tasks. Working from home gives you an illusion of comfort and tricks your brain to feel more relaxed. Because you’re literally in your house, you can easily get carried away and not notice it.

So, take some time out today to just rest. Work of you must, but don’t overkill.

Protect your mental health

Finally, don’t forget to practice basic hygiene while celebrating. Also, make sure you follow “physical distancing” guidelines. Don’t drown yourself in all the bad news, turn it off for some time. You can stay home and still remain socially active! But don’t binge on social media – it’s hard I know.

Read a book, pray, enjoy the quiet (if electricity generators permit you), volunteer if you can and exercise. Especially exercise.

It is not the end of the world.

Happy workers day! Stay safe.

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