How do you invest?

In the last few years from the introduction of the popular Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox aka MMM, a lot of Nigerians have participated in different “investment” schemes. At the same time, the Nigerian Stock Exchange has faced a consistent decline in terms of market capitalization and investor confidence. Running parallel to this are the fintech and crowdfunding options that many Nigerians are increasingly opting for.

Of course, the scam artists will not pass up the opportunity to rip off Nigerian “investors” who are all too willing to put up money for quick and outrageous returns. Many of these investors “invest” the bulk of their life savings. Somehow, a lot of Nigerians don’t know one of the basic principles of investing which is to never “put all your eggs in one basket”.

What is perhaps more frustrating is the fact that the data is scanty. How do Nigerians invest? we simply don’t know.

How can experts offer guidance if we don’t know how Nigerians invest beyond the occasional street gossip or social media anecdotes? We don’t know.

However, it is our belief that data-driven solutions are the guardrails we need, so we created a brief survey to sample how Nigerians make investment decisions, perceive the stock markets versus other investment options, and expect returns. Can you help us fill it?

How do Nigerians Invest | Survey

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