How to Save on Your Monthly Electricity Bill

Turning off power on your appliances while the socket is still powered keeps electrical products on standby mode, you may assume that they do not consume power in this state but unfortunately they are slowly chewing on your units.

Energy vampires draw on your supply 24 hours a day and may contribute up to 10% of your monthly energy consumption.

Top of the range among appliances that Nigerians are most ignorant about are television sets, mobile phone chargers, laptops, video games, home theaters, decoders and soundbars.

Some of us virtually keep these items on standby mode most of the day while they slowly sip on the energy.

One of the ways to be energy efficient in eliminating phantom loads is to simply unplug the appliances after use: Here are ways to save energy and money by eliminating phantom loads:

Unplug your mobile phone chargers when the battery is loaded, turn off your mains socket when heading out for the day and ensure your primary decoder is connected to the most accessible point in your home.

These simple steps will help you reduce expenses greatly.

Thank me later.

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