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Lessons from iSpark first Webinar Session on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of business activities to a halt globally. For players in the business or professional scene, it is a cause for concern.

Yes, its a storm and it will pass. While waiting for a storm to get by, not all businesses or professionals know how to do that especially with the peculiarity of this kind.

A first of its kind, iSpark Magazine has launched a webinar series called iSpark Sessions to share knowledge and inspiration with business owners and Professionals.

Moderated by Media Personality, Chioma Ezenwafor, the first of the question and answer series had Charles Umeh hitting the right buttons while discussing the topic; Weathering the Storm: How Best to progress.

Here’s what we learned;

Profile photo of Charles Umeh
Charles Umeh. Founder, Breaking The Coconut Inc.


Visibility is key

This is the time to be highly visible. As more and more people turn to their phones for entertainment, TV networks are struggling to find fresh content, with many of them resorting to replaying old sitcoms and sports games. Have you noticed how quickly social media video challenges like #dontrushchallenge went viral? That is a clear sign that being visible now is super important. “If you have not spoken in the last two weeks, people will forget you easily,” says Charles, “the future came faster than we expected.”

What does this mean?

  • It means that it is easier to reach a wide audience of potential clients because a lot of people are using their phones now.
  • “Be in our face!” This is not time to be socially distant on social media. Exploit the power of social media to make people know what you do.
  • It is a bit cheaper to run your ads on Facebook now and grow a large following. Everyone now has an excuse for being online, whether they’re working remotely or just scrolling through posts. Use it.
  • In short, wherever your customers are, be all there.

Don’t just be on social media, do it right!

A good social media strategy is indispensable. You should study how people consume your content and decide which approach works best for your business. If you can’t do it, get someone who can. It is too important to hope for a shoddy job to do the trick. As Adewale Yusuf of remarked recently, “Content is king, distribution is the kingdom.” Similarly, social media is the reigning king and a good social media strategy is your kingdom.


In the 2019 Netflix movie Harriet, Harriet (Cynthia Erivo) a former slave returns to help her family and other runaways escape, but they have to cross a river at night to get to safety. Harriet wades across the neck-deep icy water before the others follow.

In a crisis, people are programmed to wait for a leader. The one who will step into the river. This pandemic is an opportunity for new business leaders and professionals who have shown that they can deliver and adapt quickly to emerge.

Remodel your team

This is a good time to have a conversation with your team. Take the time to listen. More often than not, they will have some very good ideas that can help your business.

Employment figures are stark, and many businesses are laying workers off by the hundreds. You may have to cut paychecks but do it only if you must and even then, do it in a way that does not diminish team morale.

A new blueprint for business will come up, which will be a result of what people have seen work in these times. As a business leader and professional, you must stay ahead of this curve and constantly refine your strategies for beating this pandemic.

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Stay Safe. Emerge Strong.



Charles Umeh is the founder of Breaking the Coconut Inc., a global youth research and media firm. He is one of the foremost authorities on African youth making an impact in business in and out of the workplace. A TED Speaker, Charles is the author of Breaking the Coconut: Tales of 11 Inspiring African agents of change. Download his book here

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