NTISA -The Retail Management Software Solution for SMEs

Small to Medium Scale Businesses are amongst the highest growing industries in Nigeria, with more and more people making the decision to launch out on their own as Entrepreneurs. But running a business is no small task, hence some have fallen along the wayside, and many more are struggling.

Ntisa is what you may call a mixed technology inventory management and product tracking software which comes as a mobile app that can be used in any smart mobile device, with features that can help business owners manage all aspects of their business from the point of sales to payment, inventory management and product tracking while in transit.

Mr. Ifeanyi Amah, the Founder and Chief Strategist of Ntisa, spoke extensively about this product during the launch. He described it as “a disruptive software solution that can be used to track delivery of goods and services, and could be used both online real-time as well as offline in areas where there is no or poor internet connectivity.”

He went on to say that Ntisa is a marketplace where people can find, order and pay for goods and services, a tool for taking customer orders and receiving payments, giving a sales record book and dashboard to view business performance in different locations, from a single point of contact.

He identified critical business challenges in Nigeria as high cost of Information Technology (IT) systems for keeping business records, high time consumption in business management and high skills required in using technology to run businesses. He stated that these challenges have rendered SMEs incapable of recording and maintaining the progress of financial transactions in their business, and merchants are unable to provide order status like tracking solutions to customers after receiving their payment. Also, these challenges have made it difficult for financial institutions and government agencies to provide the necessary support to businesses that want to borrow money.

Mr. Amah further said that most SMEs could not afford to invest in such ‘expensive’ IT systems, and without any other solution in place, they are unable to analyse the performance of their business, leading to poor planning and decision-making, and the inability to attract new customers outside their business locality.

He declared Ntisa as the solution that would address all these challenges because of its features, affordability and ease of use. The product suite offers: Ntisa Point of Sales (POS), Ntisa Merchant App for administrative management, Ntisa e-commerce App for online transactions and Ntisa dispatch management system.

Mr. Amah stated, “The solution can be used as a PoS to manage consistent retail processes across any channel, it could serve as a platform for online transactions, and it is a solution that can create products, manage inventories and avoid stock-out. It can simplify retail operations by using common commerce features like campaign, promotions and loyalty management.”

He also pointed out that “The solution can be used by every small business such as eatery, saloon, boutique, pharmacy, among others, and it can migrate any SME from manual to digital in minutes, catapults SMEs into the e-commerce world, and helps SMEs grow customers and profitability,”

The easy-to-use software application was locally developed with full local content and handles all business record keeping from ordering, through payment and to delivery, enabling customers to enjoy high business value at the lowest cost ever.

NTISA launches in Port Harcourt on the 18th of June at Swiss Spirit Hotels, Stadium Road. Here’s the link to register: https://forms.gle/9mSyWXtqVBUZ5cWs6

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