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Simple Ways to Support Your Friend’s Business

BY Myranda Princewill

I’m sure we all have that one person, it could be a friend or family member who has decided to entertain their entrepreneurial skills and take on the challenge of starting a small business.

Whether its a side hustle or a main moneymaker for them, entering the exciting world of business takes courage, time and effort.

So here are three ways you can help your friend;

Become their Customer

First Things First, become their customer or client…and definitely Don’t Expect Them To Work for Free. I feel I need to write that again capitalized. Stop putting your friends in a super awkward position by expecting them to work for free something that you will be willing to pay someone else to do. This problem seems to come more often with those that work in creative industries such as (photography, custom art, MakeUp Artist graphic design, etc) but it can also occur with your friends that are lawyers or architects.

From your perspective, it may seem like no big deal. Think about it, at your salaried Job would you agree to go to work each day for payment of anything less than your cash monies?

Of course not.

Instead, let them have the opportunity to bless you with their skill and if they feel so inclined they may even offer you a discount.

Tell Social Media

If you’re unable to be your friend’s client or you may not be in need of what your friend’s business is offering, there are other ways you can support.

One of them is through social media. Liking, sharing or posting about your friends’ business is a huge gesture in this digital age. As well as engaging with their posts on social media. This is something that helps them to get seen by more people thereby extending their reach. The really awesome thing is that it literally only takes a couple of seconds of your time and it is a huge help for them. Trust me, they will be grateful. Especially at the beginning but seeing your messages even as an established business will put a smile on their face.

Honest Feedback

If your friend asks you for your opinion, then share it with them. Help them talk it out, think it through and execute. They need you which is why they came to you.  Think about the uncertainly, the self-doubt and the struggles they may be facing. Your insights might just be what they need to improve their products, services, business space or website. Donate your time and skills to help improve productivity.

Cheer Them On

If your friend has not asked for your opinion then still offer your support by being their Cheerleader!

Be there to support, say nice things and encourage your friend as they navigate the crazy world of small business.

They are going to need all the validation and support they can get. Even if it means one afternoon you go over and help wash up to support a catering business. Be their assistant on an out of office job or help create a spreadsheet to help track expenses. Ask what you can do to help.

Just think if every friend supported each other in their small business ventures by doing little things that make a big difference… now that’s what I call a win-win!

Which of these would you do?

Let me know in the comment section.



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