Why Women Should Invest In Agriculture

When talking about investments, the picture we have in mind sometimes does not include women, even though they invest. The need for investors in Agriculture has grown and continues to grow, which is why it is important that investors are not marginalized and women are accepted in the investors pools. As women, it is quite easy to see investments as a male dominated field, but that should not be the case. Agriculture is the future, and in order for us to actualize that future, all hands must be on deck; male and female.

When it comes to investing, there are certain attributes a woman possesses that gives her an edge. Some of these attributes are:

  • Women are creative thinkers

Due to the restrictions women have faced over the years,fighting to actually enjoy the same benefits as men, this has forced women to be out of the box thinkers. With this creative side, women can invest in their own way and strategically too. This helps them think through an investment option and possible scenarios that may occur, before taking a leap.

  • Women have a nurturing side

Aside from the fact that women can be strategic about investment, women also have nurturing tendencies that helps them understand the impact of investing in Agriculture. They understand that by investing in Agriculture, a change is being made.

  • Women have more patience

Let’s forget that we assume men have more patience than women, the truth is a man’s patience wears thin when compared to a woman’s. It is because of her patience a woman would be able to make an investment and thrive successfully. Due to the risk level of in investing, you would have to possess a lot of patience and not freak out and this is the area women thrive in.

These reasons have highlighted why it is important that women are encouraged to invest in Agriculture. Everyone has a role to play in pushing Agriculture forward and no one’s role should be underplayed.

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